Inpatient Medicine

Inpatient Medicine

A significant portion of an inpatient physician’s time is spent on documentation.  Synergy medical concierges expertly and efficiently complete Admission Notes, Progress Notes, Consult Notes and Discharge Summaries.  Medical concierges also assist inpatient physicians by tracking lab and imaging results, accessing previous records, and placing and receiving phone calls.  The medical concierge significantly unburdens the inpatient physician, allowing the physician to spend more time with individual patients while increasing overall efficiency and productivity.  Inpatient medical concierges receive extensive training on the art of chart completion and the production of  documents that are thorough and attentive to billing requirements.  They also provide support and communication to patients and families.

By acting as a concierge for both the physician and the patient, the medical concierge makes invaluable contributions to the inpatient environment.