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What Sets Us Apart ?

Medical Concierge services are custom-tailored to meet the needs of each individual client.

Quality Staff

We attract high-quality staff with demonstrated academic excellence in science and healthcare. Our hiring process further focuses on candidates that possess strong interpersonal skills and intrinsic motivation that embodies our culture and mission.

Extensive Training

Our in-house comprehensive training curriculum is custom-designed by our physician leadership team. It includes independent study followed by repetitive practice with simulated medical documentation scenarios. Classroom training is followed by supervised bedside clinical training under the supervision of our most experienced and accomplished medical concierges.


Presenting a warm and professional demeanor at the bedside is integral to our training program and culture. Our iconic Synergy Medical blazers serve to differentiate our staff members within the healthcare environment. Meeting one of our Medical Concierges creates a warm, professional image for your patients and their families.

Positive Culture

Our goal is to provide high quality care in a collegial and collaborative environment. We promote a positive culture by mentoring our employees and providing them with ongoing support. Our new staff members are welcomed and mentored by our senior Medical Concierges. They share their expertise and exemplify our collaborative environment.

What Are People Saying About Synergy

  • aLLA

    My medical concierge position at St. John’s Riverside Hospital has been the biggest factor in my decision to pursue medicine. As a medical concierge, my job is to make sure the patients are getting quality assistance that can help put them at ease during their most vulnerable moments. Although I am only scratching the surface of medicine, the extensive involvement in medical practice Synergy Medical has given me is both humbling and encouraging for an undergraduate student like myself.